CS 490 - Information Systems Management

Ahmed Ibrahim

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IS Management in the Global Economy

What is the meaning of information system (IS)?

Information systems are organization systems that is designed to collect data, process data, store and distribute information. Normally the IS is collecting data, then do some processing, e.g., calculations.


An example of such IS is QUEST - STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM. What aspects does quest system provide? How can we tell if a system is good or bad? There’s a measure. For now, let’s examine it briefly.

  • A good IS is good to manage, or high managibility: if there’s a problem, then easy to detect, easy to adjust and so on.
  • Reliable. As a user, we should rely on this system.
  • Scalability. Configuration should be dynamically based on the number of users dealing with the system.
  • Mobility. Simple access the system from different devices.

Other examples of IS that we have used

  • self-check-in machines
  • ATM machines
  • driver’s license, health card etc.
  • Every website we login including facebook.

Data vs. Information

Data: Streams of raw facts representing events occurring in an organizations or a physical environment before they have been organized into a form that people can understand and use.

Information: Data that have been shaped into a form that is meaningful and useful to human beings.

Why do we require information systems?

Information systems enable advances in organizational performance, enhance the decision-making process, and transforming business.

Consider an example. How are information systems transforming business?

  • X.com was one of the world’s first online banks (Nov. 99).
  • Increase in use of wireless technologies
  • More company websites, more online shopping
  • Supply chain optimization and just-in-time inventories
  • E-commerce and Internet advertising expand

Successful IS

Successful information systems are a critical component of a successful business. But how could we assess the successfulness of IS? What is meant by successful IS?

An IS is not just computers. A successful information system consists of the correct tech, tools, methodologies, processes, and people.


For 4000 years, writing was the only information technology people used, but in the nineteenth century during the great industrial revolution things start to change.

Joseph Marie Charles (7 July 1752 – 7 August 1834) invented the first programmable machine, which is used to fabricate silks, making silks with some patterns.

Time Frame Computer Use Trends Emerging Applications Some Leading Vendors
1950s Calculator Bookkeeping Texas Instruments
1960s Computer Accounting, Payroll IBM, CDC
1970s Management Information Systems Financial Applications etc IBM, Digital
1980s Decision Support and Applied Artificial Intelligence Portfolio Management IBM, Lotus
1990s Communicator Office Automation, E-mail IBM, Netscape
2000s Partnership E-commerce, Mobile Computing IBM, Oracle, SAP

The mission of IS organization.

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