KIN 100 - Human Anatomy: Limbs and Trunk

Jeremy Roth

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Table of contents

Lecture 1: Introduction to Anatomy

Lecture format

  • one video per lecture topic
  • enjoy the music at the beginning

Textbook: Clinically Oriented Anatomy (8th)

Lecture 2: Skeleton System and Muscular System

Axial vs. Appendicular Skeleton

  • The skeletal system is subdivided into axial (中轴骨) and appendicular (四肢骨) components
  • The axial skeleton consists of the skull, rib cage, and vertebral (脊椎) column
  • The appendicular skeleton consists of the pectoral girdle (胸带), upper limb bones, pelvic girdle (骨盆带), and lower limb bones

Classification of Bones by Shape

  • Lone bones are tubular (管状的)
  • Short bones are cube shaped
  • Flat bones usually protect underlying organs
  • Irregular bones have unique shapes
  • Sesamoid (芝麻样) bones develop in tendons (肌腱) and are shaped like seeds

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