MUSIC 111 - Fundamentals of Music Theory

Karen Sunabacka

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Table of contents

Week 1

Notating Rhythm

whole note, half, quarter and so on…

Week 2

Notating Pitch

Week 3

Simple Meters

Week 4

Major Scales and Keys

Circle of fifths

Week 5


Week 6


Week 7

Compound Meters

Week 8

Minor Scales and Keys

Week 9


Week 10

Chords and Symbols

In Jazz/pop music,

  • without any sign, it is major chord
  • D+, AAUG: augmented
  • F-, DMIN: minor
  • Fo, FDIM: diminished

triad quality/bass note

Week 11

Melodies and Duple Paraphrase

Week 12


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